Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I change the fonts and colors on the premade designs?

A: Yes, most designs can be customized, however customization is not included in the price. There is an additional $5 for font changes and an additional $5 for color changes. Color changes are not available on all designs. If you would like to know if changes are available for a design you are interested in please contact me. I do offer exclusive color changes, meaning you can choose a premade design and have the colors changed in a scheme that will not be resold, for an additional $20 per set. This makes the design somewhat custom to you - without waiting for an exlusively custom design.

Q: Do I have to purchase your template in order to purchase the matching items?

A: Nope! You may purchase any item in any design, I do not require that you purchase the template first. If you see a template or etsy shop set that you want an item to match but do not see it listed in it's appropiate category, simply purchase the Made To Match item and include the design name. Simple as that!

Q: Do I have to purchase everything all at once or can I come back later and order other items?

A: Of course you may always come back later to order whatever you may need if you do not need it all at once. If you do not see your design listed simply ask me about it. I do rotate designs occassionally but you may always order things to match a design you have previously purchased. Be aware that pricing may change over time.


Q: Do you provide support for your templates?

A: Yes and No. I do provide support if you have any template related issues, but I do not provide support for your shopping cart software. You can always contact me to find out if the issue you are having is a template related or software related issue.

Q: Once the template is installed if I want changes made later, can you do that?

A: Yes, I sure can! I do charge an hourly rate of $40 an hour, minimum half hour. Simply contact me for a price and time quote on what you are needing.

Q: If I purchase your template and later want to change out the graphics, do I have to leave your credit intact?

A: Yes, this is a requirement. As long as you are using my coding, whether you use my graphics or not, you must leave my credit. You may, however, change it to something like "Template design by Perpetual Love Design, Graphics by This Other Designer".